Site Limits

The site limit on all guns are based on using 0.20g Ammo.


AEG / Pistols / Gas / Automatic weapons - 350 fps.


Bolt action sniper rifles -500 fps.  


DMR - 450 fps


For use of snipers and DMR's, you have a 25-metre engagement distance and MUST carry a side arm. You must use your side arm for any engagement under 25 metres.


We require DMR and sniper users to carry out a ‘sniper test’. This is to show us you know your distances and can hit a body-sized target at 25 Metres. If you fail this, you will be politely asked to not use the DMR or sniper.


DMR's MUST be locked to semi-fire ONLY!


All guns will be chronoed each day.


At Invicta, we may choose to chrono people throughout the day.


Any guns over the FPS limits will not be able to be used.

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